Friday, June 3, 2011

Latest Eye Update

Last week I returned to the retina specialist for my follow-up appointment.  My mom went with me, and our waiting room experience was quite different from the first time.  At the first visit, I arrived early, got in early, and got out quickly.  This time, we arrived early and spend a solid two and a half hours inside their massive clinic in exchange for about twenty minutes of service.

But as a health care professional myself, I can't complain about making patients wait to be seen.

The doctor numbed my eyes and probed the back sides of my eyeballs with his probey stick, then delivered some very good news.  The holes in my retinas haven't changed at all in the past three months, which means they're not getting worse.  Now that he knows they're not getting worse, he is very adamant in his recommendation to just let them be.  I will continue to follow up with him every six months, and that will be all.  Laser surgery is always a possibility to prevent further tearing, but he says that as long as the holes aren't changing, he doesn't feel the risks of surgery are worth the benefits.

This is very good news as I can carry on with life as usual.  I don't have to make any decisions about having or not having surgery, which (for those who have witnessed my decision-making skills) is a very huge relief.

God is good.


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